We Love Our Students!

We exist for our students. Our current business success is due to referrals and repeat business from our previous students. When you choose Garmany Tutorial Services, you choose a skilled, dependable, professional team that is committed to excellence in all the services we provide. We are always listening to our students and improving ourselves to serve them better. We are honored to have their patronage and glad to share with you their feedback below.
"It was a pleasure having Natasha tutor my two sons. She came up with strategies to help develop their reading skills. My boys struggled in reading and with the help of Natasha they were promoted to the next grade level. Thank you, a true blessing."
There has been a difference in my math grade. Before going to my mentor Mrs. Garmany, my grade remain as a 50%, but after going to my mentor every Tuesday and Thursday she helped me undeerstand my work​ more and my math grade has come up to an 86%
Kyana King, Grade 8 Pre-Algebra
Mrs. Garmany has been such a blessing to my daughter. My came to her feeling down and discourage about her math grade which was an "F". Mrs. Garmany encouraged her and they got to work. My daughter has brought her "F" average up to a "C+" and she has been so happy and tells herself I'm going to do better each day. So thank you to Mrs. Garmany for keeping my daughter encouraged and striving to do better
Mrs. Richmond, A Proud Mother