About Us

Rock Knowledge.

Mission Statement
In partnership with the community, our services will provide the best quality of educational and recreational programs to students from a divergent population to become innovative and life-long learners to contribute in a traditional classroom setting and global society.

All learners are unique and possess gifts and talents that will inspire them to embrace knowledge, to excel, and to take ownership of their future.

At Garmany Tutorial Services we strive to bring the best practices and skills in English Language Arts, Math, and Science! Not only do we offer new study skills, but we also offer Learning Disability Support and encouragement to our students in One-on-One tutoring sessions. Give your child the best chance to succeed in life by employing our tutoring services.

Garmany Tutorial Services offers a professional and affordable program that is enriched with fun and creative learning to address the diverse needs of every student. In a Montessori-based environment, your child will receive individualized or/and group instruction that will include learning a new academic concept, and using manipulative tools that are authentic, comprehensive, and stimulating. They will have the opportunity to engage in technology educational games to increase literacy and math skills. Need homework help for your child? No worries. Homework, project, and virtual learning assistance will be available at your request and completed in a timely fashion. Enroll today and you can rest assure that your child will acquire the knowledge and strategies to become productive in a traditional classroom setting, and beyond.

"To assist a child we must provide him with an environment which will enable him to develop freely." - Maria Montessori